Following our Epsilon Saga story, here are some updates on the late development regarding EmptyEpsilon’s future in LARPs:

The LARP fork

Lately, tdelc did a thing. After an initiative to translate the game to French (the language of his LARPs), and since he’s already accumulated a large amount of LARP-enabling features that didn’t sit well with the original project, he dedicated his fork to be the primary LARP fork of EmptyEpsilon, not just of his games. He began collecting more of our features into his branch, intending to forever keep in sync with the original project. He built more ambitious features of his own and improved the screens we made.

We are overjoyed to see the progress of the LARPs fork. tdelc’s work allows more LARPs to take advantage of the work we put into our features, and we’re getting actual “thank you” messages from LARP organizers. The amazing power of open source.

The next generation of EmptyEpsilon

And on another front, daid (the person behind EmptyEpsilon) started a rewrite of EmptyEpsilon from the ground up, called EEOne, based on a new engine and modern C++. It will sport a framework to dynamically define screens, movement in 3D space and more.