While we are still working on our second milestone, we decided to keep our parallel work on the art design for the game and start working on our first model of a corvette class ship. This is an important step - as much as we love our space fighter design, we aim to create a bridge simulator, therefore, we will need larger ships operated by a crew.

We agreed that our first warship would be a corvette class, as it is the smallest class of warships. However, unlike the space fighter, we are a bit less sure how we want our first corvette to look like. We do feel that the Rocinante from the Expanse is an excellent example for a realistic corvette in space, so we decided to try and use it as our reference.

We started to work with our concept artists for general ideas and came with the initial concepts below.

our first concept art

Although none of them hit the spot, it helped us better understand what we are looking for, and now we are ready to refine our ideas and move to another round of concept art.